Our Approach

We build every foundation as if it were for our own house. We want our customers to enjoy the same the quality that a professional foundation man would enjoy. We back our products with confidence.

Meet the Team

Firm Foundation believes that teamwork does make the dream work. Without everyone working together, we wouldn't be able to achieve the things that we do. Below you can meet a few members of the team.

Jeremey Fish

Founder & Owner

Desires to see his employees succeed in life both materially and spiritually. Enjoys playing softball.

Seth Fish

Chief Operating Officer

Specializes in the management and logistics of the company, loves to learn something new daily.

Andrew Dahler

Chief Operating Officer

Handles the service work and heads up the landscaping branch. Enjoys teaching in his local church.



Shane Fish

Job Estimator

Works along with Jeremey to estimate and bid the jobs so that we can give you quick and accurate estimates. Loves quoting a good movie.